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Mission Statement

The goal of Fed’s Backyard Theater is to provide a space for endless creative freedom with no limits. My big passion is fighting for the freedom of creative expression, and seeing others' passion for theater be reignited makes the art form significantly more rewarding. 

My goal for this whole project was to fulfill a creative hole in myself that I have never been able to fill. To me, my goals for this garage were not to impress anybody or become TikTok famous. Yet, seeing others' passion for theater be reignited is what makes the experience so rewarding-- especially with all of the burdens that we teens have to go through. It means the world to me that my friends have been

re-inspired to create art for the purpose of creating art, and reconnect with their passion of loving theater. 

Fed’s Backyard Theater proves that creative people truly shine when they are given boundless freedom that they never had the chance to explore. Whether it's designing lights, costumes, projections, or just dancing, it fills me with unobstructed splendor to see my friends really have fun doing what they love.

- Federico Hradek (Artistic Director)

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Fed’s Backyard Theater is a garage converted into a 56 seat black box theater by local Bradenton resident

Federico Hradek. Hradek’s goal in building the theater was to direct and produce full-length musicals, stage plays, improv shows, and much more. You can find more about Fed’s Backyard Theater by following them on their social media at @Feds_Backyard_Theater on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. 


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