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The story of Adam and Eve is one well known. God made a man and then to accompany him, a woman. Eve. She was seduced by a snake into eating the forbidden fruit, the apple. Then, Adam took a bite as well. This explains how humanity fell into a world far from perfect. 

Yet, in this play, the story takes a turn. The snake lulls the characters with original music throughout, while the tree takes on the role of the true temptress. The tree and Eve begin a friendship when Adam is away in the garden. A friendship that could grow into something with deeper roots. Deeper even than the relationship between Adam, a man and Eve, his woman.


Eve discovers that doing what you’re told isn’t as easy as it sounds and that evil and ugly things can be beautiful. As Adam feels his control of Eve slipping, he begins to become seeped in insecurity and anger. 

Eve, Adam, Tree, and Snake twist together into uncertainty and what is forsaken. All you have to do is watch what happens when perfection is revealed to be something forged by sin. 

Apples Trees and Adam’s Eve stars Sophia Cavalluzzi as Eve, Aurora Newcomb as Tree, Jackson Carney as Adam, and Kylee Worth as Snake. The play is written and directed by Chloe Johnson, and features original music by Kylee Worth.

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