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Fantastical Friends: The Backyard Christmas Spectacular

DECEMBER 22-23, 2023


A young Santa Claus falls in love with a beautiful dancer named Tina Tinsel at her winter cabaret. But, when dark winter’s magic sneaks in, their bond is broken and Tina’s role in the creation of Christmas is written out of history. It isn’t until two hundred holidays later when Christmas needs saving that Tina and Santa meet again. Can their love be rekindled? What happens to the Mrs. Claus we’ve all come to know and love? Join the Fantastical Friends in the Backyard Christmas Spectacular to unravel the mystery and save Christmas! 


”Fantastical Friends: The Backyard Christmas Spectacular” features all of your favorite Christmas classics and MORE— all connected through an original story by Aurora Newcomb and Jackson Carney!


Click the YouTube link below to watch the full musical!! You don’t want to miss this crazy, jolly, and unforgettable show!! 

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